Her Majesty's COVID-19 Initiatives

Her Majesty's COVID-19 Initiatives

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Her Majesty Queen Jetsun Pema has been in the forefront to encourage the Bhutanese through various gestures and initiatives. Her Majesty has been personally preparing snacks alongside other volunteers and personally delivering them to thank the frontline workers. It was undoubtedly a huge morale booster to all the frontline workers during this solemn season.

The beloved Queen Jetsun Pema also visited the Bhutan Red Cross COVID-19 lockdown Control Centre stationed at Jungshina Primary School. Her presence gave assurance and lent strength to the team working tirelessly in this times of uncertainty. She also visited the Cremation Ground with refreshment gifts to encourage the volunteers who are handling funeral management, dead body management and sample collection testing during this time of pandemic. The volunteers were grateful and felt privileged to receive the blessings from Her Majesty. 

Her Majesty also visited the Centenary Farmers Market in Thimphu, where the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, BAFRA, and DeSuups (Guardian of Peace volunteers) were working to ensure that the citizens receive vegetables during the lockdown period. Along the way, Queen Jetsun Pema also stopped to talk the DeSuups on duty and personally gift them snacks to encourage their efforts.

In addition, Her Majesty Queen Jetsun Pema also called upon the Bhutanese to join the “Bhumisparsha-Touching the earth” project upon reflecting on the suffering of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires in Australia and other calamities happening around the world. 

The Queen of Bhutan wrote a beautiful letter to encourage the Bhutanese to participate in the project and reminded everyone on the importance of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings in such time. 

“Bhumisparsha-Touching the earth” project is a global project initiated by Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche with a deep conviction to enhance the global collective merit (Karma), which seems to be on decline as evident from frequent calamities (both natural and man-made), diseases and insecurities occuring globally.